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SDG Action Weekend: Sustainable DPI and DPI for Sustainability

September 7, 2023
04:01 (EST)
Polina Koroleva
Associate Data Scientist, UNEP

This side event of the 2023 SDG Action Weekend explores the transformative potential of Digital Public Infrastructure (DPI) for advancing the environmental dimension of the SDGs. DPI has been at the center of the debate on solutions to accelerate the achievement of the SDGs. The upcoming 2023 SDG Summit will launch a set of high-impact initiatives to be prioritized by the UN development system, governments, and stakeholders as part of crucial transitions to achieve our Global Goals. DPI is one of these initiatives. UNEP is contributing to the debate as the leading global authority on the environment, ensuring the potential of DPI for achieving environmental sustainability is maximized.

During the event, different stakeholders will discuss the role of DPI to catalyze environmental action, while highlighting the need to mitigate the environmental impacts of DPI and the increasing use of technology. Furthermore, participants will exchange inspiring success stories that illustrate the opportunities for advancing climate and nature goals through effective digital solutions enabled by DPI.

The panel will also delve into the challenges associated with the negative environmental impacts of digital technologies. Other challenges include the need for technology transfer to ensure nobody is left behind, addressing gaps in capacity building for managing DPI sustainably and strengthening and improving DPI for environmental benefits at the national level.

The event aims to raise awareness of the environmental implications of DPI and foster a global exchange of best practices. This includes a call for considering sustainability by design and developing DPI that enables measures for pollution prevention and nature and climate protection. Ultimately, the event aims to inspire international collaboration for the development of sustainable DPIs that allow scalable digital solutions to environmental challenges.

Join us for an enlightening event where prominent leaders from UNEP, the German Environmental Agency, the Kenyan Government, UNDP, Co-Develop, Microsoft, and the World Bank will share their insights and expertise.

For more information about the SDG Action Weekend, please visit the SDG Action Weekend website.