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Digital Discovery Session: the Environmental Dimensions of Chat-GPT and other Large Language Models

May 11, 2023
04:01 (EST)
Polina Koroleva
Digital Community of Practice Coordinator, UNEP

Learn about generative AI progress & large language models, their ethics & policy considerations, and building blocks for AI at scale LLM use cases for Climate, Pollution, and Nature.

Agenda for the upcoming DD session:

  1. Overview of the HPE team and agenda (Justin McCall, Head of AI for Good & UN Partnerships)
  2. Overview Discussion on AI & LLMs (Dr. Englim Goh, SVP of Data and AI)
  3. AI Ethics (Pam Wood, Head of Human Rights, Chair of AI Ethics)
  4. Sustainability Dashboards & Sustainable Practices (Tom Phelan, HPE Fellow and Office of CTO)
  5. Swarm Learning, Machine Learning at the Edge and its implications on climate, environment, nature. (Hartmut Schultze, Head of Swarm Learning)
  6. AI in Practice for Climate & Environment (Iveta Lohovska, Senior Data Science & Principal in Data & AI Practice)
  7. Remaining time for Q&A

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